Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fashion: the Blouse

Fun, flirty, floral, lightweight, button sleeves, sheer....the list could go on to describe a basic wardrobe essential: the Blouse.  
The blouse has come a long way from how it was first informally worn back in the mid 1800s giving a more peasantry style, and then later on into the 1900s very practically with a skirt as women entered the workforce.

Not until the 1910s did the more elaborate, or "lingerie blouses" appear with intricate details such as lace, embroidery, or even bows. Since then, we have seen the blouse become a staple in most everyone's wardrobe, whether it be a "work appropriate" top or a fun and flirty date night favorite.

This spring/summer chiffon & silk blouses seem to have shown up everywhere....from the major department stores & retailers to the small boutiques. It seems to have become a summer staple, specifically these light weight chiffon and silk styles, as they are easy, cool pieces that can be layered for work or worn more casually for an evening out.

I have found the number of chiffon tops in my closet has increased a bit this season, as they are easy pieces for me to wear with those 25+ pairs of jeans that I own. They can easily be worn casually with sandals or flats or dressed up with heels. The price-point on most chiffon blouses makes them affordable, ranging from approximately $30-$65+ depending on the brand, style, and specific material. Obviously the 100% silk blouses will be at the much higher end of the price range, but are usually worth the investment.

Here are two of my many chiffon I added to my closet this summer, from The Vintage Gypsy, & the other was a purchase from last summer, but I changed up the look & wore it backwards!

I've found that there can often be multiple ways to wear a top, and playing with those options can help make an "older" top that you may be somewhat tired of "new" again!

BTW-today is DAY 26!!  Only 4 more days to go, and I honestly haven't really been tempted to buy, nor do I even have anything on my "wishlist" that I am eager to buy on Day 31!  (well.....maybe one new Blouse??!!  hahaha) Impressed??!!

Here are a few more of my current favorites this season:
(click on the photo to find details about each blouse)

the Blouse

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