Friday, July 13, 2012


.....the 30 day challenge has ended successfully!!

I completed 30 days of no shopping, and to be honest, it really wasn't all that bad!
I think that the fact that I did this during the months of June/July made a difference, as there is less product brought into stores during these mid-summer months, and I'm not as much a lover of summer fashion as I am so much more a fall fashion girl: loving denim, boots, and sweaters. So all those tank tops and denim shorts didn't tempt me as much as perhaps new dark denim & boots might do to me in September or October. 
Maybe I'll just have to give that a try?!!

So....what did I learn over these 30 days??
I definitely feel that I'm more satisfied with my wardrobe, jewelry included!  

I did a complete jewelry "clean-out" last week and feel so much better about the pieces I own. It was time to get rid of those cheaper, but fun, pieces that I just don't wear anymore.  Just like with my clothes, I really believe in having a jewelry collection that represents my style and is of high quality. Meaning, the rings and earrings that turn your fingers green and start to hurt your ears after an hour of wearing had to go!  ....and those pieces that were a random buy that I've only worn once or twice (the feather earrings), they are gone too!  But I'm left with all of my favorite pieces that I know I wear and will want to keep for years to come, as perhaps they will eventually become vintage pieces coveted by someone else!!

I did a quick clean-out of my closet and have an appointment at a consignment boutique in August, as the majority of my pieces are fall/winter styles. I did get rid of 6 pairs of jeans, 4 of which I'll be bringing to the consignment shop and 2 that I will donate!  So I'm down to about 24 pairs....but again, that includes crops and prints and colors--all which I wear year round, daily!

Do I currently have my eye on any pieces to purchase?  
Confession: yes!  
But, I am more patient with my shopping now, giving myself time to think about how I'd wear the new pieces and if I can't stop thinking about them after 3-5 days, then perhaps I'll consider a purchase.
I would love to add a new pair of black skinny jeans to my wardrobe, as I know next summer in Europe I will wear them often, as most Europeans don't wear our traditional denim as we do here in the US.  There is also a gorgeous emerald green sweater I have my eye on that would look amazing with the black denim and with the one new purchase I did make thus far,  rust/camel colored skinnies!  But again....I'll hold off for now, and see if anything else I love even more comes along!

I know I still have a few pieces in my wardrobe that I'm perhaps not completely in love with, but I'll continue to weed those out as the summer moves on into fall...I've got lots of time to truly get my wardrobe where I want it to be, there's no rush!!

The quickest way to know a woman 
is to go shopping with her.  
~Marcelene Cox

So again, this has been an exciting, challenging, yet successful 30 days, and I'm glad I did it! I now, more than ever, truly believe that investing in a few QUALITY pieces at a time is a much better way to add to my wardrobe than constantly adding several lower quality pieces that I become tired of after a couple wearings. This "challenge" has not only helped me get my spending under control, but has also gotten me on the road to truly loving my wardrobe-a wardrobe that represents me and who I am style-wise. 

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