Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Post #, who knew we had that much to say about fashion??!! all good things come to an end....
We both find ourselves so busy with other life events that the blog has become less of a priority - and we don't want to keep you readers out there waiting & hoping for the next post.
This is not to say that we will never be we all know, life sends us in different directions at different times & who's to say that it won't bring us back.
...but for now, THANKS to all of you who have supported us & consistently followed & shared in our thoughts and opinions about all things fashion - we have appreciated it!

AND.... one of us will still be blogging!!  You can find ONEfireyfashionista at her NEW site, which includes a blog as well!  Check out what she is up to and follow her blog....who knows what this new adventure will bring??!!

So for now, bookmark her new site, she hopes to continue blogging and posting on a weekly basis!!  Check it out here:

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