Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SHORTS-not just for summer!

Shorts are not only a cut off look for staying cool in the summer, but a new way to add interest to your wardrobe. Just by adding knee-high socks with tall boots, tights and booties, or even just a fun pair of heels or wedges while the weather is still fairly warm in the early fall, you can take your casual everyday look and turn it into something "dressy" enough for work or a night out on the town.

Check out this look, posted by another fellow blogger, Pretty Pleased. She is wearing light grey tweed shorts with a simple shirt, leather jacket, and fun Seychelles wedges. I own & LOVE these shoes! (Seychelles Hawk) This is one way to wear wool or tweed shorts in early fall when the temperatures are still fairly warm.
*The ladies of this blog own a great boutique on the east coast, Hallelu. Check it out for some fun and unique items!

There really are many ways to wear shorts all year round...they can be just as versatile as a skirt, while creating a more unique and intriguing look. For the more traditional look, there are suiting options-a matching blazer & shorts as compared to the typical and expected trousers or pencil skirt.

Wearing shorts is easy...just choose your look.

Shorts + Print Tights + Basic Heels + Simple Blouse

Shorts + Knee-High Socks + Tall Boots + Cami + Casual Blazer

Shorts + Dark, Thick Tights + Tall Boots + Favorite Sweater

Have fun pairing different pieces with your shorts. Don't get caught up in the fact that they are shorts, just work with them like you would a skirt.....and be creative!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


...a website for unique and fabulous finds!!

I can't say enough great things about this website, I have signed up to receive multiple daily emails, and I always seem to see at least one great item in each email that I have to check out. Set up your own account--so you can "heart" items...then, etsy "suggests" other shops for you-based on your "hearted" items and sellers--how much better can it get??! I have found some items this summer that I love...including a great gift for another firey fashionista herself!

The shop, White Owl, out of Detroit, has fabulous, vinta
ge-style jewelry for very reasonable prices....and you know that no one will have the same item on wherever you go!

I love the vintage lace used in these necklaces...definitely unique and wearable pieces!

Another fabulous seller is GraceyBags...she makes fantastic clutches for any occasion, including bridal parties, and she will even monogram the inside for you! She has a wide array of fabrics, and even let me choose what inside fabric I wanted in mine....I purchased the orange flowers Kelsey clutch(above), & I completely LOVE it!!

Yet another recently found fabulous seller is Saylor Rose...out of California = unique, quality, up-cycled and ecofriendly jewelry! I am totally in love with this vintage peacock locket necklace, and this unique Victorian key necklace can be worn with a v-neck pocket tee or dressed up with your favorite little black dress!

A find just this week, is a LOCAL seller, ekate. She is from MINNEAPOLIS and makes wonderful, artistic jewelry and apparel. I LOVE her local maps resin necklaces--she takes old, vintage maps and turns them into unique and original jewelry....and she will gladly customize it for you--you can pick the location the map is from!! FABULOUS!!! I just ordered one for myself and my sisters!

I could go on and on about the fun and fabulous items on Etsy.....but now it's your turn--go to the site, create an account, and start shopping!!

*It's also a perfect site for brides-to-be....so many handmade and unique items that are AFFORDABLE and sellers that are willing to do custom work!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall Fashion: what we're LOVING

over-the-knee boots

....sexy, stylish, practical, and comfortable

...and, as you can see below, they are available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles!

Women's Fashion Shoes - Trendy Shoes for Women, Teens | Lulus.com, $69
Stuart Weitzman Hiup Over the Knee Suede Boots, $798
Sam Edelman 'Sutton' Over the Knee Boot - View All - Nordstrom, $200
Miz Mooz Women's Samantha Over The Knee Boot, $180
Frye Jane Tall Cuff at Zappos.com, $388
Cole Haan 'Air Georgina' Boot - Boots & Booties - Nordstrom, $350
GUESS 'Revenge' Over the Knee Boot - Boots & Booties - Nordstrom, $130
SteveMadden - OVERRPAS BLACK SUEDE women's boot flat over knee, $110
Restricted Vamp Boot - Free Overnight Shipping on New Styles, Free...

once you've found the pair (or two) that you love....how do you wear them?

there are several ways to wear your over-the knee boots:
  • with print tights and a sweater dress
  • with dark colored tights and a print dress
  • with textured tights, a skirt, and a flow-y blouse
  • with knee high socks, denim skirt, and favorite sweater
  • with leggings and a longer sweater, cardigan, or tunic
  • with skinny jeans (tucked into boots) and your favorite top

Masked Stripes Cardigan - Anthropologie.eu, 106 EUR
Damsel in a Dress Elizabeth Cashmere Mix Long Cardigan, Grey, L, 60 GBP
Drape Front Waistcoat, 40 GBP
Full Denim Skirt, 15 GBP
Staffordshire Tights, $30
Gap Petite Always Skinny Mid Rise Jeans (Saturated Dark Wash), $70
Heart Button Knee High Socks., 7 GBP
Miz Mooz Women's Samantha Over The Knee Boot, $180
Frye Jane Tall Cuff at Zappos.com, $388
GUESS 'Revenge' Over the Knee Boot - Boots & Booties - Nordstrom, $130

What is your favorite part of FALL FASHION? What are you dying to be able to wear again once the weather cools down....let us know!! We'd LOVE to hear what you're wanting to add to your wardrobe as fall approaches!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rachel Zoe DIES....for Fashion!!

Who could resist the woman who says "I have to be in Chanel while giving birth"??

From her website, rachelzoe.com

Zoe’s own signature look—bronzed, sexy and wrapped up in Seventies-tinged laidback glamour—has rubbed off on well-known women and a few fashion collections alike. The Los Angeles Times noted the obvious influence of Zoe’s signature style on the runways, designers across the globe rely on Zoe for her fine tuned eye and Women’s Wear Daily traced Hollywood’s new look to Zoe’s own style.

Here is what you probably know about her...
  • She is a Stylist for mah-jor Celebrity Clients
  • She is Ba-Nanas about Fabulous Fashion, especially Chanel
  • She is in her 3rd Season of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo
Here is what you probably DON'T know about her...

  • She has a line with QVC of afforable accessoires, shoes, bags, jewelry & (of course) a-mah-zing faux fur
  • She is a contributing editor & consultant for Piperlime.com (Gap's online shoe & handbag boutique)
  • Her book, "Style A to Zoe" was a New York Times Best Seller

These below fun finds from her QVC line, all are under $100 & are very chic as well as VERY Rachel...you might even make you feel On. Another. Level.

Faux Fur Vest, $79.80
Large Satchel $69.80
Jeweled Watch $65.00

In a recent Harper's Bazaar article, they make this fashionista put her famous words into action! She poses with several mah-jor designers as they act out just how she could DIE for fashion, check out the latest issue of Harper'z Bazaar & additional photos at their website. Below is Brian Atwood, showing death by stilleto, as he puts it perfectly "I can't imagine a better way to go."

Check out her Super Fun & Fabulous show, The Rachel Zoe Project, Tuesday nights on Bravo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fall Fashion: what we're LOVING

CAMEL... a FABULOUS, yet often forgotten, neutral color that can be paired with just about anything!

I am loving the amount of camel (in various shades) that is popping up in the fall fashions....khaki and anything utilitarian/military inspired was big for summer and we can see that style continuing as we get closer to cooler weather.

Camel is a very versatile and neutral color for everyone's wardrobe
...it can be paired with black, brown, navy, white, and prints. Whether it is a basic camel/khaki trench coat, like the amazing one below from Anthropologie, a simple camel wool skirt, or a fun yet functional camel handbag, anyone can work a lot or just a little camel into their attire. *The handbag pictured below is just now finally available online, and is made locally by NELLE, check out her other pieces in her new HAROLD line as well as her fabulous clutches and accessories here.

a color for fall

In J.Crew's fall fashion photo shoot we see a lot of the color camel, as well as fur and the typical fabulous jewelry J.Crew has been known for lately. This is all thanks to Jenna Lyons, the creative director--now recently named President of J.Crew. Her fresh ideas and love of high end fashion has definitely given a new sparkle to what used to be a store that we thought was rather drab, and somewhat "too old" for us in our 20's. I have definitely become more and more of a fan of their clothing and jewelry in the last few years!!

How to wear CAMEL?? there are SO many ways...
  • wool camel skirt: white blouse, dark colored tights, dark brown heels, and lots of fabulous layered jewelry
  • camel blazer/jacket: silk tank or simple v-neck pocket tee, your favorite DARK jeans, and a pair of heels (any color--they don't have to be camel!)
  • traditional camel wool coat: the most neutral color fall & winter coat to wear over any color dress or skirt
  • camel corduroys: instead of the traditional dress pants for work, change it up--pair a fun, print blouse with camel cords and either heels or flats and you're set
  • camel accessories: instead of the same black belt and shoes, change it up--wear a camel belt and heels with your black dress or suit-it's a great contrasting color to add some interest to a simple outfit
How do you plan to work CAMEL into your fall wardrobe??
Let us know....or share your favorite fall color!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Craft Time ~ Make your Own Fabric Jewelry Board!

So...we all have TONS of amazing jewelry, right?? The issue is - where do we put it so that it is easy to access and you can actually see everything you have. It's annoying, right?! Well, problem solved! Fabric Boards are very easy to make, quite inexpensive & a great way to display all your beautiful jewelry!!

Our friends got together for a "Lets Get Crafty" night. The night began with a shopping trip & then we put our creative heads together.....the result= amazing jewelry boards & a fabulous time spent with girlfriends!

Here's what you need:
  • Fabric - ranges in price from $2-$15/yard - shouldn't need more than 1 yard... **try to go with something neutral to let the jewelry stand out
  • Cork Board - around $7-$9 - comes in many different shapes & sizes and is very sturdy to hold even heavy necklaces
  • Pins - around $3 - we prefer metal T-Pins as they seem to be stronger than traditional push-pins
  • Fabric Batting - around $9 - enough for at least 2 boards - optional - gives the board a softer look

  • Ribbon/Buttons - around $2-$4 - also optional - can add a little something extra to the board

  • Glue Gun

  • Stapler
Here's how you do it:
  • Glue the Batting or Fabric to the corkboard frame
  • Staple the Fabric to the back of the corkboard, so that it is pulled tight across the front
  • Customize by adding Ribbon and/or Buttons

For the cost of around $15, you can make a fun Fabric Board for all your jewelry!!

Now that we have a great way to display necklaces & bracelets, what about Earrings?? Well, we've got you covered here too! Lace stretched over a frame is a beautiful way to showcase your favorite earrings & is extremely easy to make.

Here's what you need:

  • Frame - any size, any shape

  • Lace - although it can be a little expensive (at least $9/yard), you only need a small amount

  • Glue Gun

Here's how you do it:

  • Remove the Back & Glass from the frame

  • Stretch the lace over the back side & glue to the frame

Note: it is best to display your lightest weight earrings on this to prevent the lace from ripping. If you have lots of heavier earrings, it would be better to use a stronger mesh instead of delicate lace.

If you want a larger, sturdier earring holder, purchase a larger frame and then use SCREEN-from a hardware store. This way, you can hang any and all earrings from it--no matter the weight. (We recommend a simpler frame when using the lace-as that is the focus, but with the screen or mesh, a more intricate & detailed frame is best!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boutique Critique: Cliche

We had a chance to visit the boutique Cliche in Uptown recently and wanted to share our experience! We were surprised at how small it appeared from the outside, but were happy to realize that good things do come in small packages! Here is a short write up from the store's website:

Cliché is a young hip clothing boutique for women located in Uptown Minneapolis. Cliché carries new and locally designed clothes that encourages a slight edge to your wardrobe. Cliché tries to stay forward on trend while maintaining a classic presence. Also, once a month there is a featured local artist's work on the walls. Cliché loves to offer unique or one of kind items and are therefore always looking for new artists and designers.

From the moment we stepped in the door, we were all over the jewelry and accessories - which we found out is all 100% local designers. The jewelry line, Cocoquette, was amazing - I happened to fall in love with a necklace that had miniature binoculars - for only $25! We also loved the cute and reasonably priced clutches by NikiCouture!

The clothing assortment was also great & quite unique. There is a mix between local designers and non-local designers: approximately 30% local, including our favorite kjurek couture. It is a great place to find a fun dress that you can be assured won't be duplicated at the party!

Overall, the experience was very positive & we recommend taking a visit!

Please visit Cliche's website for more detailed information on designers they feature, current events & other information: http://www.clichempls.com/

Cliche is located at: 2403 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55405. Business Hours are Monday-Saturday 11AM-7PM & Sunday 1-6PM.
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