Wednesday, November 17, 2010


One of our FAVORITE FABULOUS local jewelry designers is hosting a facebook giveaway--just in time for the holidays!! Her jewelry is the PERFECT statement piece to complete your look for all of those holiday parties!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
To ENTER: "LIKE" Sheer Addiction on facebook....then suggest the page to all your fabulous fashionista ladies and post how many you shared it with on Sheer Addiction's page. The winner receives $100 gift card for Sheer Addiction & will be announced on Friday, November 19th at noon!!

GOOD LUCK....and here's hoping!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

How many is too many?

4 sandals...2 tennis shoes....6 flats...18 heels/wedges....and 9 tall boots!

39 pairs of SHOES in all....Is that too many??
Can a girl really have too many shoes?

One comment I read by another blogger:
Life is too short, just buy the shoes!

I completely agree!! Shoes are the ONE item that never (or very rarely) changes for a woman. If you've been a size 7.5, you usually still are a size 7.5. No matter what may be changing with your body at any time, your feet stay relatively true to you, making them an easy accessory to purchase!

When it comes to shoes, we all often have our favorite brands, perhaps multiple favorite brands, as well as those "to die for"...."wish I could afford those" brands! When is it a good time to splurge on a pair of shoes and when is buying the less expensive better for your wardrobe AND your bank account??

I have several favorite brands of shoes ... it all depends on the style of shoe.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Frye. These are one of those brands that are higher priced, BUT are SO worth every penny. These boots are of the highest quality and will never go out of style. AND they are made right here in the US.
From the Frye website: Founded in 1863 by John A. Frye, The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. ... The Frye brand remains true to its heritage and vintage American roots with finely crafted, fashionable boot, shoe, and handbag designs featuring rich leathers and quality hardware.

How cool is that?!! So why not splurge? I recommend watching for sales, as many large department stores carry Fryes. I have purchased both of my pairs at Nordstrom, during their Anniversary Sale, and saved at least $100 on each pair!! LOVE that!! I own both the Jane Stitch in redwood (pictured right) and the Jane Tall Cuff in taupe (over-the knee-pictured above left). As they are more of the cowboy boot style, they do take some "breaking in"...but then they are FABULOUS!! I can wear both of mine for hours without pain or blisters!!

I think with tall boots you just have to try and find the best fit and style for you, which isn't always the same for everyone. ALDO was great for awhile with their selection, but I was rather bored with their tall boots this fall. Seychelles is a FABULOUS line of oh SO comfortable shoes--and they have varied tall boot styles also. Miz Mooz is another great line for comfortable tall boots in fun and unique styles. Target had an amazing selection of boots this year--particularly the tan pair with the red zipper up the back for only $34.99. AMAZING!!
It can be a struggle to find that pair that you LOVE, but it's worth the wait. I have learned not to settle for a pair that I's much more fun to have a pair you are in love with, as you will definitely wear them more and get your money's worth!

Heels Janes....kitten...chunky... so many much to choose from!

I couldn't resist this fabulous drawing done by Andy Warhol....I would LOVE to have this hanging in my bedroom...or perhaps in a future walk in closet or dressing room!!
This can often be a "tricky" category, as how do you know when to splurge on a pair and when too much is too much!? You need to look at the practicality of the pair of heels, the season in which you would wear them, the comfort, and how much you love them. It is easy to fall in love with a fabulous pair of shoes, only to purchase them, on your credit card of course, and later realize that you have worn them just once since that day you were dying for them.

Every girl needs a basic black and a basic brown heel that can be paired with anything...whether it's the office or a night out with the girls. A black heel is a definite must. This is one shoe that will never go out of style and is worth spending a bit more on, as you want it to last and be comfortable! I love my Enzo Anglioni open-toed heels for spring/summer and into fall, and my Mary Jane style Steve Madden's for winter. There are SO many different basic black heels out there...just start looking and trying on.

*If you're not one that can do any length of time in heels, try a wedge shoe/boot or a wider heel, avoid the stiletto style. The wider the heel base, or a complete wedge heel, the more your weight is distributed over the shoe making it more comfortable.

Once you have the basics in your wardrobe, it's time for the fun, more daring styles and colors to be added. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Seychelles, from Anthropologie (pictured left). They are a fabulous turquoise color and are SO comfortable. ALL Seychelles are incredibly comfortable....I own at least 3 pair, and would consider more (of course). They are also very affordable. I LOVE the Hawk (which I also own) and the Ring in the New Year....oh, and the Kiss at Midnight too (a great basic Mary Jane style)--SO fun!!!

Anthropologie consistently has unique and fun shoes--in all styles! Yet, the price tags are often what makes me ask-"do I really need these?" So I often add them to my "wish list" in hopes that they will still have my size when they do go on sale!!! I LOVE these Needlepoint Platforms (pictured right), but the price versus the practicality don't quite match up for me...yet!

Poetic License, Miz Mooz, Jeffrey Campbell, Fergie, and Boutique 9 are a few other fabulous lines with both fun and practical styles of shoes. There are just so many to list. DSW is a great place to find good deals on shoes--especially if you're lucky enough to find your size in the Clearance section!!

Just think of your shoes as an extra accessory--they can make a statement just like a fabulous necklace or amazing clutch. Pairing a fun color shoe, like red, with an all black outfit instantly makes your shoes the statement piece! Have fun searching for that perfect black boot, but don't be afraid to add a fun statement pair or two to your wardrobe! Stay true to your style and make your feet (and you) happy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Mythbusters

People often think that there are "rules" within fashion, or creating your style....but in truth, there are no true rules, but more what might be considered guidelines. And with many people, those "rules" are often the ones that should be broken!

Take, for example, a few of these such myths, as we will call them. You may have heard your mothers say, you can't wear white after Labor Day.... your shoes should match your purse... you can't wear black and brown together.....the list could go on.
When it comes to finding your style, the only rule that exists is that you LOVE and FEEL GOOD in what you are wearing--show your true & confident self to the world. Other than that, as long as you don't dress head to toe in leopard print or wear one of those screen printed sweatshirts with the holiday scene you can't really go wrong!

Here are a few "myths" or rules that we would like to no particular order.

I can't mix black and brown, or navy and brown, or black and navy.
So untrue...often, the best looking outfit is one that is completely neutral in color, like black and brown--I LOVE it! Even though they are two neutrals, they go great together. If you need to add some color, choose a bright color, or even white or natural, to do an accessory or two in. But going with all black with brown accessories--belt & shoes--is fabulous!

I can't wear white after Labor Day.
This is one of those rules you've heard over and over....or at least you used to. Hopefully more
and more people are realizing that this doesn't hold true anymore. You CAN wear white into the fall and even the just has to be the "right white" and/or the right fabric. (White linen is one exception--that should be put away until summer rolls around again!) There are so may "winter whites" out there that it's easier than you think! Even doing all black--black sweater with black dress pants, then adding a white/natural colored belt is enough of a pop that your outfit instantly has some interest!

Now that it's fall/winter, I can't wear my peep toe heels.

This is one rule that many people still follow. But with all the print and dark colored tights out there, this "myth" is easily disproved. Your favorite peep toe heels, that you think you can only wear during the warmest months, which in MN isn't very long, can easily be paired with a pair of dark tights and your favorite sweater dress or tweed skirt. Just make sure the tights you wear are opaque, not sheer.
The look is fun and perfect for fall!

Your shoes & bag (&/or belt) should match.

Ugh..this is one I can't stand, and SO many people still believe it!! With fashion, and your style, you don't want to be all "matchy-matchy"...who does??!! Your accessories should fit together, compliment each other, not completely and totally match.

I can't wear my gold watch with my silver jewelry metals should match.

NO THANK YOU!! Jewelry is meant to be mixed and creates interest. Whether it's gold & silver, black, gold, pearls, jewels, chain, and mesh, it all can work together. Layering on the pieces is a great way to add more depth and interest to your outfit with your jewelry---who really wears only one bracelet at a time??

There are SO many more "rules" or myths out there that NEED to be broken!
I really enjoyed reading this post, from another fabulous fashion blog: Oh my God, where did you get that? She gave her own take on some more of those infamous fashion rules & wardrobe/shopping tips. Click the link above and read her ideas!! I especially LOVE her rule #1--buying well means buying once. I wish more people would think about this....and not just buy something because "it's only $5" or "it's on sale"--but first think: will you wear it? Will it last??!! Do you absolutely LOVE it?

Remember....keep to your style and your brand, be true to yourself. If it feels good and you love it, then you will look a million times better than if you walk out the door questioning what you are wearing. Be confident, know who you are, and be proud to show it!

The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.
Hubert de Givenchy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage Loves

LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection from Free People!!

I cannot say enough fabulous things about the treasures they have found....WOW!! The collection caught my eye immediately when I opened the catalog to see this....

I was in love with the styling and the set which included such a gorgeous vintage vanity....LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Now, I have never been a major fan of Free People, mainly because of the high price tags on items I could do without...but this new vintage collection, I want to own it all!! If only there were an endless supply of cash entering my bank account....

oh....a girl can dream, right?!

Especially about this AMAZING cuff, the Erikson Beamon Opulence Cuff...listed in the catalog I received just this week for a mere $818...but not to be found on the website...hmmm? Could it be sold already? Because these Vintage Loves items are true vintage, they are one of a kind, so once an item is sold, it is gone....

My eyes continued to love what they saw as I turned the pages to find this, the Erikson Beamon Dripping Jewels Necklace...priced at a reasonable $978! Clearly I tend to fall in love with all things unaffordable....

Another piece I would love to own, and at a slightly more affordable price of $268, was this amazing vintage chainmail evening bag.....oh so perfect!

The catalog was amazing, as I continued browsing and wishing...all of my favorites came from "chapter 2 treasures"...but I loved how the next chapter, "the sketchbook" contained true sketches of the clothing pictured next to the model....FABULOUS!!

I was so impressed I grabbed the catalog the next morning to bring with me to work so I could scour the website in search of "my treasures"....only to "add them to my wish list" hopes that perhaps one item will still be available when my next paycheck arrives??!!

During my search, I also read a little bit more about this Vintage Loves collection and the vintage buyer Ali who discovers all the treasures:
I have handpicked each item with love, bringing thoughts and emotion to each piece. I am a pirate of the beautiful, a collector. Vintage loves is filled with items that will captivate you and lock you into a world of curiosity. I am thirsty for intricate detail and items that have a rare personality, items full of life and meaning. ...Bringing you a special collection of handpicked one of a kind vintage loves, a world of charm and charisma— a treasure chest of exclusive finds.

I agree...exclusive finds is right! I highly recommend checking out the fabulous Vintage Loves collection of treasures from Free People....if nothing else, it's fun to dream....and create wish lists!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Boots!!!

Ann Taylor LOFT is giving away 10 pairs of thier AMAZING Over-the-Knee Riding Boots this week!! These are so cute and definitely a MUST HAVE for your wardrobe.

Register between 9am EST-9pm EST each day from November 1 to November 5 on the day your size is up for grabs, see below:
  • TODAY - Size 7
  • Tuesday, Nov 2nd - Size 7.5
  • Wednesday, Nov 3rd - Size 8
  • Thursday, Nov 4th - Size 8.5
  • Friday, Nov 5th - Size 9

Here is the website to register at:


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