Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Shoes...

Often, as the weather gets warmer, the issue of what to wear on your feet comes up more often than you might imagine!

With BBQs, weddings, parties, fairs, etc...there are SO many different shoes that work better for certain events or locations. You don't want to be sinking into the soft ground in your best stilettos at the next wedding or event you attend!

By the way....who wouldn't LOVE this shoe collection (pictured above)....it belongs to Jenna Lyons of JCrew, and I am completely & totally jealous!!

SO....what to wear when?
The important fact to think about is what type of venue is your event at? Will you be indoors or outdoors? Evening or Daytime? Casual or Dressy?

If your event is INDOORS & DRESSY/EVENING, you can wear basically anything that fits with your outfit. The one type of shoe you can add in as an option, with the warmer weather, is an open-toe style. This gives a more "summery" look than your typical closed toe heel. It is also often thought to look a bit more casual, so if it is a black tie event, stick with your favorite pumps! I love my Enzo Angiolini black open-toe pumps, perfect to wear with anything & very comfortable! This is the same style in a fun gold metallic color! (pictured above right)

If the event is OUTDOORS & DRESSY/EVENING, you don't want to be caught wearing stiletto heels...as you will be constantly sinking into the ground, and may even ruin or at least muddy up the heel of your shoes! No one wants that! The best shoe for an outdoor event is a wedge. This way you still feel "dressed up" with the height, but won't be sinking into the grass or wobbling across unsteady terrain. Here are a few of my favorite wedges of the season:
(click on the photo to find more info on any/all of the shoes)

summer wedges

I also LOVE my Seychelles Hawk wedges, SO fabulous!!! And only $89.95 at DSW!!

If your event is much more CASUAL, and OUTDOORS or INDOORS, you have SO many options! You can do a simple sandal or a flat. A very popular and comfortable flat are those made by TOMS. The great thing about TOMS is that for every pair that is sold they donate a pair shoes to someone who needs them! Here are a few of my favorite colors & styles:
(again, click on the picture to see details on each pair)


Target, DSW, and many other places have many casual and some even dressier flat sandals that can be worn to just about any event: work party, BBQ, shower, or just a girls' night around a fire. Here are just a FEW of the MANY styles available out there now:
(click for more info)

summer sandals

As you are shopping for shoes for your events, or just to update your summer wardrobe, always keep in mind your style and what fits your "brand." Just because a style of shoes is new & trendy, doesn't mean that you need to have a pair. If you don't like the look of a wedge heel, opt for a fancy sandal or simple flat instead.

There are ALWAYS so many choices, just choose what fits YOUR STYLE and what you LOVE!! Happy SHOE SHOPPING!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let it Go!

Speaking of Looking GOOD for LESS....Gap is partnering with Goodwill and offering 30% off your purchase in exchange for clothing donations to Goodwill....how much better can that get??

If you haven't yet, SPRING is the best time to CLEAN OUT that CLOSET!!! Sift through those items you "thought" you might wear again, but still haven't. Remember those jean capris or shorts that you bought because they were on sale and never wore.....take them to Gap and get something you WILL wear, for 30% off!!!

This promotion is running NOW through MAY 29th, and if you have a Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic card you get 35% off!! FABULOUS!!!

I am loving the white cropped kick flare jeans (pictured right), which are priced at $59.95, but with this promotion and using my Gap card, they'd only be $38.97!!! Paired with the draped sleeveless top or the flutter sleeve tee and a pair of wedges, they are perfect for that upcoming BBQ!! (The cropped boyfriend jeans in white are another great pair at only $69.95.)

There are also several fabulous dresses (& skirts), perhaps for your upcoming date nite or baby/wedding shower!! OR my favorite, which I happen to be wearing today...the slim crop pants (in black)....SO comfortable and chic & easy to dress up or down--LOVE that!!

Whatever you may "need" or have been lusting after... take a few minutes to clear space in that closet and bring those goods in for a fabulous discount on something new!!

Have fun Spring Cleaning & Looking GOOD for Less!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Look GOOD for Less!

I LOVE this quote by SJP, and had to share it!! Sometimes we get too caught up in having that bag or pair of jeans that other things in life suffer. But we can do BOTH....have a FABULOUS wardrobe & still be able to "LIVE"!!!

We all know that at times, $$ can be tighter than we may wish it was.... I know I have dreams of a huge walk-in closet with so many more items than I could imagine, but in life, that's not possible for all of us! So, we have to make do with what we can afford, but still manage to always LOOK GOOD!

I have seen so many blogs put out a "Look for Less" post from time to time, and others that share price comparisons of single items: one item for $1,000 or almost the exact same item for only $50! It can be done, but you do have to be careful.....as with some things, you do pay for what you get--and cheap isn't always the best way to go!

At work today, even though it's "casual Friday," I dressed up due to a morning interview. Perhaps that is why I stood out more to my colleagues (& students), or perhaps it was because I did have on a fabulous outfit??!! (I'll go with the latter!) But what makes it even better is that my ENTIRE outfit was only $65 and all 3 pieces (excluding my accessories) came from TARGET!

Here is what I am wearing today:

It's an outfit that is professional enough for an interview, but still has that "fun" element to it--with the nude lace tights and the nude/camel heels! LOVE it! The tights, as just about all of them are at Target, were only $10. The heels, which are now unavailable, were $29.99, and the shirt dress was only $24.99. I have heard that this shirt dress is now on clearance in several stores, and if you love these shoes, there are two other SIMILAR options available at Target, online. Check them out here & here!

Here are a couple blogs that often showcase a "look for less"....check them out:
Uber Chic for Cheap & the CheapChica's Guide to Style.
These are just two that I have seen & enjoyed reading....there are SO many more great fashion blogs out there--it just takes some time to find & read all of them!

There are SO many other items out there that I have seen "re-done" by Target and other stores at a more affordable price. Often they are SO worth it, but as I said before, you do have to be careful and pay attention to what you are really getting! A fake leather bag that smells of chemicals is in no way something I want to carry on my shoulder just because it was only $19.99!! And don't get too carried away. Your wardrobe should be a COMBINATION of higher priced items and lower priced items--that's what makes it work!

In her third style book, The Style Strategy, Nina Garcia reminds us that it's okay to spend money on an item that will last for years: consider it an investment! If it's more of a "trend" or something that you only need for a couple occasions, then go with the less expensive version. It is totally okay to pair your $50 jeans with your $250 boots, a $75 sweater, and a $5 pair of earrings....that's what makes your wardrobe your own! Have fun with it, and remember you don't need the "designer version" of everything out there!

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