Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer into Fall: Chambray

Chambray/Denim shirts have returned!  These "80s" style tops are back, but with a bit more "style/shape" & available in so many shades of denim making them more versatile and so easy to wear. I've heard that the denim shirt will be the "new cardi" for fall, which sounds great to me, as I own 3 that I love and I'm always glad to hear that what's in my closet is still "in style," right?!!

The denim shirt has complimented all the colored and printed denim we've seen this spring/'s a perfect piece to add, giving a casual, yet stylish look.

spring chambray

I wouldn't suggest pairing the denim shirt with your regular denim jeans UNLESS you can pull it off as stylishly as this:

The two denims MUST be VERY different in wash wouldn't want to appear as if you are attempting the "Canadian tuxedo" look!!  I'd highly suggest keeping the bottom the dark wash, as that always gives a more slimming look, and then find a lighter, even distressed washed denim shirt....add heels + accessories & you're ready for a girls' night out or even a casual Friday at work!

It will definitely be a perfect piece to wear as the weather begins to turn cooler in the evenings & we head into Fall weather & fashion!  I do love the look of this "colorblocked" version from JBrand (pictured below), available at Nordstrom.

J brand

The Chambray shirt is a staple piece to add to your wardrobe, so if you haven't yet succumbed to purchasing one yet, I highly recommend it!

Here are a few places that have several options of 
chambray/denim shirts:

Happy Shopping!

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