Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's been awhile.....
....and this first return post is all about a challenge!

I have always been a lover of clothing, style, shopping, and all that falls under the umbrella of fashion. But it has occurred to me recently that perhaps I would also fall into that category of a "shopaholic."  My closet(s) and dresser are all of a sudden busting at the seams, and yet I still find myself constantly online shopping, checking ebay, reading blogs & browsing pinterest to see what other "fashionistas" are wearing now, and of course heading to the mall during my free time.  

I seem to have fallen into the same mindset as Carrie, from Sex and the City,
I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.

Hey....the first step is admitting it, right??!!  I must be well on my way to "recovery!"

Now, if I perhaps had a job making 6 figures, or didn't want a bigger house, a family, and to visit several cities around the world, then maybe it wouldn't matter as much....but I want all those things too!

So, for me, living on a teacher's salary and now married to the man of my dreams, it only makes sense to take a step back, examine my spending habits, appreciate and have fun with the wardrobe that I have created for myself.
Thus, I thought that a "challenge" (and putting it in writing here on the blog) might help me stop adding to my closet, all the while enjoying the pieces I do own.  

THE CHALLENGE: I plan to go 30 days (and who knows, maybe longer??!!) without purchasing a single accessory or piece of clothing. This includes jewelry, bags, name it. If you can wear it, I can't buy it!!!  Both of my sisters, as well as my husband & a few of my colleagues aren't so sure I can complete this challenge, so for me, that makes it even better!

Yesterday was actually the first day of the challenge, as I "declared" it to my family & friends. So as of now, I have completed 2 of the 30 days! 

I plan to blog about what I find to do instead of shopping and spending $$, a little about how this idea came about, as well as sharing how I'm wearing and re-styling the pieces I love that currently do exist in my wardrobe.

I hope you all enjoy reading and hearing about my experiences as I attempt to become at least a little less of a shopaholic.
...and perhaps I can inspire you, if not to take on a "shopaholic challenge," but maybe to create your own personal challenge that fits with your current lifestyle??!!

And by the way....I by no means plan to completely quit shopping all together, as I will always enjoy the ever changing world of fashion. I do hope to truly come to love EVERY piece in my wardrobe, especially as I have invested some serious $$$. I have found that I would rather have quality pieces than items that I'm tired of after a month or two and end up in the consignment pile! 

In the end, I would really like to establish a wardrobe that is made up of the "perfect" collection of pieces that fit the "fashionista" that I am!

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