Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 Jeans

So.....how many pairs of jeans do you own?

That's the question that ultimately led to this "shopaholic challenge!"
...when I started to list them, and then tried to write them all down, and then eventually just went through my drawers and counted, I ended up with 30!!  Is 30 pairs of jeans "too many?"  
Is there such a thing as "too many jeans??"  
This quote by the infamous YSL, just sums it up for me completely:

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.   ~Yves Saint-Laurent

My only "defense" to this is: I don't have to "dress up" for work. I wear jeans every day, thus I have 30 pairs of jeans & only 3 pairs of "dress pants" -for those occasional events that jeans or a dress won't work for.  But....is 30 still just too many?  I did realize that 5 of those 30 I haven't worn in almost a year, and probably need to take at least 3 & consign them....which could mean that during this "challenge" I might actually be making some money??!!

I know that my body has changed, unfortunately, after passing the age 31 mark, thus my choice in style, fit, and brand of jeans has also changed. I have also worked at a retail store over this past year that specializes in fitting denim, so I have been exposed to more brands and styles than I had tried on in the past, and have found to love so many more than I could have imagined!  Even though you think you have "enough," the next style of AG or James or Joe's comes in and you fall "in love" again!  Am I crazy?

I have also fallen in love with the colored and print denim "trend" that we've seen more and more of over the past year....of those "30 Jeans," 8 of them fall into this category, including: mint, white, cobalt blue, polka dot, floral, and others. Here are links to a few of my current favs for spring/summer.  I do know I will be able to transition almost all of them (except for the white & mint) into fall....just by adding a chunky sweater and boots I can wear many of them year round!

My most recent addition: the floral denim from citizens of humanity....I LOVE them!! There aren't many available on piperlime or at nordstrom.com, but searching ebay can often result in finding a brand new pair for even less than retail price. The link I attached to the photo will bring you to piperlime's wide selection of floral denim (just click on the photo to get to the website)...which does include a NEW version of these same jeans, but with a light blue or a darker tan background = also fabulous!

I also am IN LOVE with MINT this season....I just cannot seem to get enough!  Perhaps it's because it's a shade of green, and we all know green looks fabulous on redheads, or maybe not, who knows??!! And even though I've never been much of a pastel color girl, mint just does it for me! 
I love my mint JCrew crops, especially the zipper detail-so 80s!

Have any of you succumbed to the print/colored denim "trend?"  If so....what are your favorites?

As I continue through this "shopaholic challenge," and examine my wardrobe, I will say that of those 25 pairs of jeans that I do have and wear, I LOVE just about every one of them. I have now established a denim wardrobe that is made up of pairs of jeans that fit me well-both my body and my personality, which is exciting and creates the basis to establishing the perfect "Mara Wardrobe"!!!

I will leave you with this fabulous quote I stumbled upon in my search for my denim quotes & photos. (Rita Kumar is an Indian designer I had never before heard of, but I love her take on denim!)

When women wear denim it (the derriere) must look elegant. It's the second thing every woman looks at in the mirror, but it's the first thing she cares about. She does that half twirl, her back arched and her head craned around. If the jeans are right, the experience is transforming, like putting on a magic cloak.

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