Thursday, June 28, 2012


Paris is always a good idea. 
~Audrey Hepburn

With Day 21 coming to a close, and one more week left in my "shopaholic challenge," I am excited in looking ahead to a year from now, and planning a trip to Europe, most specifically, Paris!!!
After taking 7 years of French, and never being able to actually use the language, I am finally heading to the one European city I have longed to visit.  

Nothing is yet set in stone, and more than likely we will visit a few other cities, possibly London, Venice, Florence, and Rome, but again, we haven't solidified our itinerary yet....

We are looking at spending perhaps a total of 14 days exploring a small section of Europe, with 4-5 of those days in the "city of love," PARIS!  I am more than excited, and find that this trip is yet another reason to keep my spending at bay.....not only to be able to afford this trip, but also just thinking of the SHOPPING in EUROPE!!!  HELLO??!!  What is not to LOVE about that idea??!!!!  ooh la la

I have no clue what to expect when it comes to Europe-from the people to the shopping. The only other places outside of the US I have traveled (besides Mexico & Canada) have been New Zealand, Australia, and Bali.....which I believe to be quite different from Europe?!
Have any of you been to Europe, or more specifically Paris?  What have been your favorite places to shop? Have you found things to be more expensive than here in the US?

I'd love to hear your suggestions for places to make sure we visit, whether it's to shop or just to sightsee!!  We have plenty of time, so I can do all the "research" necessary to feel somewhat prepared for this trip.....but any advice from you "fashionista" readers is always welcome!!!

I will keep you posted on our plans and what I learn as I research for this huge trip....I am more than excited & can't wait to share what we experience and perhaps even purchase while in Europe!  
Bonne nuit & Au revoir... for now!

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