Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Day 12 & still going strong!
I have yet to be tempted by anything, which actually does impress even myself!!
Although, it may be the fact that I've been so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to hit the mall, check pinterest, read my daily blogs, or do any kind of online shopping!!!

Speaking of pinterest....that has been one "tool" that has both helped the non-shopping, but perhaps also led to the need for this challenge & my acquired shopaholic tendencies!

Some of you might be reading & asking, "what is this PINTEREST?"  
Pinterest, which started in 2009, is an online pinboard where you can create different boards with themes or categories and add pictures of places, things, and people by "pinning" them to a board. It's like having multiple cork-boards at your fingertips. You can also "follow" other people's boards, thus seeing what they are pinning. I found it as a great tool to use when I was planning my wedding. I could read through blogs and websites and then "pin" pictures of DIY ideas, decorating themes, and even dresses for my wedding party. I then had all this information in one place that I could refer to at any time.  It was fabulous, and I did end up finding a great DIY centerpiece idea that we used!
I have also created boards with links to new recipes to try, places I have visited, broadway shows I've seen, baseball parks I've been to, and several more. The ideas and possibilities are endless!

I have found that I use "my Style" pinboard as almost a "virtual closet"....pinning those items I love and would like to own. This then has sometimes stopped me from shopping, as I know it's "there," in that virtual closet, where I can go back to it and make sure I still love it and even check to see if it's been marked down/put on sale.
But I also find that when I see that 10 people "like it" and 14 people have "repinned" it, I sometimes think, oh gosh, if they all love it so much, then I do really "need" it and what if all these people have gone and bought it and now it's gone! Sadly, our society does that to us, doesn't it?  We always want what others have....

In an npr article written in February 2012 about pinterest, one woman interviewed talked about pinterest as a place where you can realize you actually do have style, A lot of people don't know what their style is, and when they use Pinterest, they can start pinning things that they see on blogs or on the site itself, and then they go back and visit what they've pinned and they realize they have a style, Rutherford says. Even if that style is a borrowed one.

I completely agree with the statement from the article, I think that everyone does have their own style, they just may not realize it. 
Using pinterest as a way to find that style makes it an even more fabulous tool!

If you click on any of the links above, they will take you to the pinterest main page to login or request an invite, all of my boards, and my style pinboard, and the npr article. Check out my style pinboard and see what I'm pinning these days....maybe it will inspire you to create your own "virtual closet/style" pinboard, or to just start pinning! It can become addicting, so make sure you have some time before you sit down and log in!
Happy pinning!!!

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