Monday, October 4, 2010

PAID to SHOP??!!

Believe it or not, this is true...well, ALMOST.

MANY stores have their own credit cards, which isn't something new, BUT the bonuses and rewards are. Often times people avoid these cards because of the high APR (annual percentage rates), but most of the cards can be paid off the day you use them. You can literally put a purchase on the card to earn your points, and then the next minute, pay it off. It really isn't that much more work and you EARN $$/points towards $$certificates to spend on your next purchases, how much better can that get??!!

I think it's SO worth it, and I have earned myself so much $$ using mine. We've highlighted a few of the cards that we have that are worth adding to your wallet!


Nordstrom offers 2 cards: a basic Nordstrom store card AND a Nordstrom VISA card.

Every Nordstrom cardholder earns TWO rewards points with every purchase on their Nordstrom card. Nordstrom Visa cardholders also earn ONE rewards point for purchases made outside of Nordstrom, anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. Accumulate 2,000 rewards points and receive a $20 Nordstrom Note, redeemable for any merchandise or services in
Nordstrom stores and through catalogs.

So spending $1000 at Nordstrom earns you $20, BUT if you shop during sales and special days, you can earn those points faster as there are MANY periods of time when Nordstrom has double and even triple rewards points days....meaning you could earn 4 or 6 points per dollar spent!!

It may not seem like the best deal, but the APR is fairly low on the Visa card, and I couldn't be happier with the bonuses I've received with mine! SO worth it!
Also, the more you put on your card per year, earns you more advantages such as free shipping and complimentary tailoring. Check out the website for more info!

*Upcoming SALE = half-yearly sale for Women & Kids = NOVEMBER 3-6 = DOUBLE rewards point days AND a FABULOUS time to find some of the BEST DEALS this store offers, but shop early before sizes are gone!!!

Ann Taylor LOFT

Ann Taylor LOFT also offers 2 cards: a LOFT card and a LOFT MasterCard.

You earn 5 style points for every dollar put on your card, and with the MasterCard, 1 style point for every dollar spent outside of the LOFT. And your card can be used not only at LOFT, but also at Ann Taylor, LOFT Outlets, and Ann Taylor Factory! Just like Nordstrom, once you reach 2,000 points, you receive a $20 rewards gift certificate to redeem in store or online! With the 5 points per dollar, this means you earn $20 for every $400 spent shopping! Fabulous!! *You also get a $15 bonus certificate for your BIRTHDAY!! LOVE those!! =)

Ann Taylor LOFT is a great place to find essentials and basics for your wardrobe, and they OFTEN have sales, and days where everything in the store is 25%, 30%, 40% etc. off, including the sale merchandise! Also, not only do you earn points on your card, but you also receive extra coupons towards purchases and exclusive "sneak peaks" of merchandise!

here to read more details about the card or to apply online!

J.Crew has only one card, and it's not a Visa or MasterCard, but it's got great perks!

For every $500 you spend on your card, you get a $25 rewards card. You also get invitations to private sales, early acce
ss to select items, complimentary alterations, and personal shopping. J.Crew is a FABULOUS place to shop, for both the basics necessary in your wardrobe and the fun night-on the town pieces.
Their jewelry is also AMAZING....and so unique! My recommendation is to wait for the pieces to go on sale and then fill up that shopping cart! Sign up for their emails, as there are often times when they s
end out codes for extra 20% or 30% off sale!! LOVE getting those!

Click here to read more about the J.Crew credit card and start shopping!

Banana Republic
Banana Republic is another store with 2 cards, an in-store only card and a Visa card.
With the BR Visa card, you earn 5 points for every dollar spent NOT ONLY at Banana Republic, BUT ALSO at Gap, Athleta, Old Navy, AND Piperlime!! FABULOUS!!

With every 1,000 points you earn, you get $10 in rewards! So for spending $200 at any of these 5 places, you get $10. That couldn't be any easier!! WOW!!!

BR also has birthday offers, free shipping on orders of $100 or more, and deals EVERY TUESDAY!! Also, just for signing up, you get a bonus of 1,500 points--that's one $10 rewards card just to sign up AND you're already half-way to the next one!! I think I might have to go sign-up this weekend!! SO worth it, as I shop in BR for their amazing JEWELRY, love Gap for their jeans and great basics, and Piperlime is a fabulous online site for shoes and accessories! Also, if you're in need of some fabulous "work-out gear" check out Athleta, they have amazing stuff!!


Target also has 2 cards, a Target Card and a Target Red Visa Card.

The Target Visa credit card allows you to earn one point for every dollar spent at Target stores. You earn one point for every two dollars you spend on other purchases. Once you have accumulated 1,000 points, you will be given a certificate that entitles you to a 10% savings for a day's shopping at Target. (certain items are exclu
ded). You can only receive one certificate in a month. Unused points are rolled over.

Who doesn't spend a ton of money at Target?! Especially in the fall, buying new school supplies!! Why not earn a day with 10% can really make a difference, as every bit saved truly counts these days. You can also choose to help out your local school: For every dollar that you spend at Target, 1% will be donated to your designed K-12 school. For every dollar that you spend on non-target purchases, 0.50% will be donated instead.

Click here for more info!

There are more store credit cards out there, for most department stores and even places like Best Buy and Home Depot. Just do a little research into the benefits of the card and decide if the store is a place you shop often enough to make it worthwhile!

Are you a TEACHER or Student??!!
Along with the credit cards, many stores offer DISCOUNTS for TEACHERS & Students!! Take advantage of this!! Even 15% off of your total can add up and make a huge difference in deciding to splurge on that new cardi or not, believe me, it's helped in making that tough spend or save (why not both)!! Here are some shops around the Twin Cities that offer discounts, all you need is your staff/student ID and you've got INSTANT SAVINGS!! FABULOUS!

J.Crew offers 15% off of ALL regular-priced merchandise ALL the time...just flash that ID when you check out! **You do NOT need to sign up for anything, all they need to see is proof that you are a teacher or a student. You can also get this discount online IF you register with your school email address!

Ann Taylor LOFT offers 15% off every time you shop (in stores only), BUT you do have to SIGN UP! But you also get 20% just for signing up!! =more saving!! You can sign up online or in any of the stores! Next time you're at the mall, get signed up, it's a quick form and worth the savings!!

New York & Company is just like LOFT, they also offer 15% off every time you shop, but again, you need to SIGN UP--and you also get 20% off just for signing up! FABULOUS!!!

Take advantage of these bonuses, rewards, and savings...and next time you're in your favorite store, just ask if they have any rewards programs or discounts for teachers--it NEVER hurts to ask...and you never know, it could mean $$ in your pocket!! Happy SAVING!!

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