Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fab Lines for Less!

There are many, many inexpensive lines out there from either Celebrities or Major Fashion Houses - but the question is - are they any good??

Here are a few of our favorites...

Target Designer Showcase
Target has done an AMAZING job partnering with the hottest current designers out there & offering very affordable lines to everyone.

  • Mulberry for Target - a handbag line just launched this week!
  • Tucker for Target - in stores now (love this "tucker signature dress"-and only $27.98!) *shop NOW, as many pieces are going out of stock quickly!
  • Temple St. Clair for Target - jewelry line in stores now
  • William Rast for Target -coming December 19th =fabulous denim for $50, outerwear & sportswear!!

LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's

What can I say, I have been a big LC fan since back in her Laguna Beach days. Her effortless style has been fun to watch mature over the years. After debuting her first high-end collection in 2008, she partnered with Kohl's for a lower price point that all the masses could enjoy. Lauren is not only a fashion designer, but also a successful author with her LA Candy series, and recently published a fashion book, titled Lauren Conrad Style.

This adorable Motorcycle Jacket is $72 and the Ruffle Skirt only $44 - BUT keep in mind that Kohl's ALWAYS has sales & you can expect this line to be at least 25% off most of the time.

Also obsessed with this sweater - the peek of silk ruffles at the bottom is too adorable for words!!It is priced right at $50 and comes in Grey (as shown) and Forest Green.

Rachel Roy for Macy's

Another great designer has brought sportswear and accessories to another one of our major department stores, Macy's. Her clothing line is high quality and "on trend." Some pieces are a bit higher priced, but again, just as with Kohl's, often go on sale.

This print dress is a great piece for transitioning into the cooler months. Wear it now with heels or booties, then add tights and tall boots and maybe even a cardigan when the temperatures drop. Faux fur is hot right now, and of course, Rachel has her take on the fur vest. This one is chic and in a neutral grey tone you can dress up or just throw on with a tee and jeans!

I "Heart" Ronson line at JCPenny
This line, at JCPenny, is only available until the end of this month--and many pieces are on sale, so now is the time to shop!

I love this navajo cardi--so over-sized and of those you just wouldn't want to take off! The tights are fabulous too, but I didn't see them online. I'm definitely going to check out the store to see if I can find myself a pair!! SO fun!!

To some shoppers, it is perhaps still up for debate whether these collaborations, or diffusion lines, are worth the money versus waiting & hoping for the "real thing" to go on sale.

An article in The Epoch Times debates this exact issue: These cheap offshoots of a designer’s luxury brand are called diffusion lines. Their emergence over the past few years has revolutionized the fashion industry, creating a clear division between those designers who participate and those who don’t. Diffusion lines have also affected the fashion industry’s audience, making designer labels accessible to many more consumers. ...They want to create a new client base in the midst of a recession, though experts insist the brands’ original clients have not been affected. (Click on the link above to read the entire article in The Epoch Times.)

No matter what others say, what you wear and how much you spend is up to you. I think it's great to incorporate lower priced items with higher priced items....a pair of $175 jeans with a $12 flannel shirt from Target can be a great fall outfit. Accessorize it right and you're good to go, no one will question the price you paid for anything--as long as you look and feel good!!

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