Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion: TIGHTS

...a simple, inexpensive, stylish way to update your wardrobe!

Remember back to those white tights with the little pink heart pattern you wore almost every other day back in elementary school?! Maybe your childhood wasn't as "colorful" as mine, but growing up attending a private school where girls weren't allowed to wear pants, tights were a staple in my childhood wardrobe, especially when the temperatures dropped well below zero!

Tights are yet again a major part of my fall and winter wardrobe. I am loving the many colors, patterns, and styles you can find tights in again, and not just for little girls! It's the quickest and often most inexpensive way you can change the look of an outfit. A dress or skirt that you're tired of can be revived with a bold solid, a fun lace, or a print tight! It couldn't be any easier!

Here are a few of my favorites I've seen this fall....

Remember, you can pair tights with wool or winter shorts for an alternative to your everyday skirt! I LOVE this look from J.Crew.

The wool drawstring shorts are only $68 and the herringbone tights are a classic look! Can't wait to own them both! Click HERE to see all 23 styles of tights J.Crew has right now! Besides these herringbone tights, I am loving the wool-blend ribbed tights in grey and the charcoal grey/black polka dot tights.

There are SO many options available for tights. Whether you're daring and want to try the bold, colorful look of the opaque fall colors, by HUE or a more subtle textured look in dark brown or black, they are all a fabulous and fun change-just what you may need as the weather starts to get colder and colder!!

Before it gets too cold, and you still want to wear those open toed heels or wedges a couple more times....throw on some tights--this look is unexpected yet so fantastic!

Love these, from Charlotte Russe, a fun lace pattern available in three colors!

As mentioned above, HUE has a large selection of all colors, patterns, and fabrics of tights! I LOVE their thicker cabled tights that come in an array of fabulous fall colors and this fun striped pair. The price on these is a bit higher, at around $20 a pair, but if you check out any discount stores, such as TJMaxx or Marshalls, you can find these for half that price...I just got myself a pair of the brown cabeled style for $9.99!

Target is another great place, as their tights are very affordable at around $5-$10 a pair. (You can maybe come home with more than one!!) They also have a cabled version and a heather grey ribbed sweater pair, perfect for a crisp December morning paired with a denim skirt and your favorite Frye boots!

There are oh so many more out there.....believe me, I know, and have purchased several in the last few weeks--my dresser drawer is slowly filling up with a variety of colors and patterns!! Go and see what's out there yourself and add some color and fun to what may have been a boring, bland outfit. Be bold, daring, and make a statement!

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