Sunday, October 10, 2010

Have you been FITTED??

One of the most important parts to an outfit is what is worn underneath it! A shirt, sweater, blouse, dress pants, skirt, and even jeans can look a million times better with good fitting underwear under it all!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra?? WOW!! I couldn't believe that at first when I read it, BUT after my sisters and some of the girls
headed to Nordstrom to be "fitted," we proved that statistic to be true! Most of us were wearing the wrong size, and were very far from the correct one! And once we put on that correct size, we could FEEL the difference, along with SEEING the difference once we put our shirts on over the new one--it was AMAZING!

There are many people out there who claim to be "experts" on the fit of your underwear, but I have learned otherwise. A 34C is NOT the same as a 36B!

Personally, I recommend getting fitted at Nordstrom, on the 3rd floor in the Lingerie department (of course). It's FREE, and there's no pressure to purchase anything!

There was SO much to LEARN in just a few minutes spent with a "bra fit specialist." Here are just a few new tips I learned:
  • For one, because bras tend to stretch in back, your bra should fit firmly on the loosest hook when new. You don't want it to fit on the tightest hooks, but the loosest, because as you wear a bra, it will stretch and you will eventually have to tighten it. Once it becomes too loose on the tightest hook it's time to replace it.
  • You should definitely invest in lingerie wash, or if not, use gentler detergent and always HAND WASH your bras, then line dry (never use a dryer). This will prolong the life of each bra!
  • It is not necessary to wash your bras every day, but do not wear the same bra two days in a row. This way the elastic has a chance to resume its original shape, extending the life of the bra.
Be prepared to shell out some $ for new bras; they are not cheap, but if cared for properly, should last at least a year. My recommendation is after getting fitted at Nordstrom where you have found the brands and styles that fit the best (and maybe purchased one or 2), head over to Nordstrom Rack to find the same brand bras at often half the price! FABULOUS!!

Some of our favorite brands include: (click on the brand to view current available styles)
-Chantelle: higher priced, but SO worth it
-Elle McPherson: slightly higher prices, but SO SO pretty
-Natori:love the convertible bra with 3 strap positions: halter, 2 strap, & criss-cross, great basics for every day wear
-Calvin Klein: very REASONABLY price and comfortable--great "t-shirt" bras
-DKNY: another reasonably priced brand with great basics

I would also recommend shopping the great SALES that Nordstrom has during the year. The half-yearly sale is coming up in a month: November 3-6 --put it on the calendar!

Check out Nordstrom's online fit guide for quick tips, then get out there

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