Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you Afraid of the Big, Bad Blazer??

So, I have to admit, there was a time when I was a little intimidated by Blazers - thinking they were only to be worn with suits and seemed oh so stuffy! Alas, the fashion world has provided so many wonderful, wearable options that I am no longer afraid!! Plus, as the weather is turning colder, there is no better time to try them on for size.

As I see it, there are 3 Main Types* of Blazers:
  1. Structured, Corporate Blazers

  2. Drapey, Evening Blazers

  3. Comfy, Casual Blazers

*Note: Even though a blazer could fall into the "Casual" category, I still think you could add a Pencil skirt & some heels and make it Corporate. This is true for all types of blazers ~ that's what makes them so great!!

Structured, Corporate Blazers

These blazers are often made up of suiting fabric, such as wool, tweed or houndstooth. You can buy them as a suit with matching pants, skirt, etc. OR they can also be great pieces to wear individually. You don't have to save them for just interviews!! The great thing about a structured blazer is that it will give you SHAPE.

Every woman wants that hour-glass figure, and blazers help to identify the waist and bring your eye in ~ which will in turn make you appear SLIMMER!! My Go-To store for suits in general is J.Crew - they have lots of options from heavy to lighter-weight wools, and even though the price is a little high, they will last forever.

This Super 120s Peplum Blazer (J.Crew) is great, because it shows that there are other styles besides the normal 2-3 button lapel blazer. It is made of a merino wool and is very lightweight. Even though it is a little bit flirty, it can still provide the professional look with matching pants & button up shirt. Although, I have to say, I LOVE the way it is styled here with a knit tee & slouchy, pleated pants ~ tres chic!

Drapey, Evening Blazers

These can be made up in quite a few different fabrics, most likely a heavy silk, satin or even lace as pictured here. These blazers can add that extra little sophistication to an evening out - whether over a cocktail dress, with a silk top & dress pants, or with a flirty skirt. These can also be used in the office or in addition to your casual look & will still be fantastic.

This Moonlight Blazer from Anthropologie can be yours for only $128 and is beautifully constructed with 3/4 sleeves and a slight gathering along the sleeves. I would recommend pairing this cute little blazer with a silk tank & satin pants ~ for a feminine version of the tuxedo. Be sure to add some jewels to bring a little sparkle to your night out!

Comfy, Casual Blazers

Often made up of sweaters, heavy knits, or other casual fabrics. These are best to be worn with denim and a casual top. I would recommend a V-Neck Pocket Tee, Skinny Jeans & Flat Boots - as that is normally my Go-To Outfit in life.

This Sweater Blazer by LOFT is TO DIE for - only $98 - the description on-line for this item was just too perfect to not include, so here it is: Part yacht club, part vintage varsity, this wool blazer is bound to make you feel like a scholar in style. As styled here, a silk top, jeans & minimal accessories helps to let the MA-JOR Blazer stand out.

Go out there and EXPERIMENT with Blazers ~ you won't regret it!!!

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