Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perfect Peacock

Peacock-inspiration seems to be increasingly more popular these days, and I myself can't get enough! From the fabulous jewel tones of the blue and green to the actual feathers there are numerous ways to incorporate PEACOCK into your wardrobe and/or your home decor.

From scarves, clutches, & other accessories to dresses, skirts & tops the peacock pattern can be applied to so many items....even rugs, wallpaper, and textiles for your home!


One of the first places I fell in love with peacock feathers was on Etsy--of course! I LOVE the clutches by redrubyrose, and she makes several GORGEOUS peacock-inspired styles. These are just a few of her pieces....I plan to order one to use at my wedding, and perhaps choose several other prints/designs for my bridesmaids!!

I am also loving this locket & these earrings, from two more sellers on Etsy! You'd be surprised how many items pop up when you search for "peacock"--try it!!

Here are a few more of the MANY peacock-inspired accessories available:
click on the picture for more information & prices for each item!

peacock accessories

*Remember: you DON'T want to wear ALL of these together....pick just one or maybe two pieces that work together with your outfit and you're set!

Peacock print can be tricky to get "right" when it comes to clothing...you don't want to go over the top! For instance...this dress (pictured right) is a bit much, don't you think??!! WOW!

Here is a better choice for a dress....simple yet unique enough to make a statement...love everything about it, including the price and the name: "Ahead of the Flock Dress" available at ModCloth.com

And just a few more options to add to your closet...not all of them have to be bold & bright, peacock feathers can also add dimension in black & white and even grey tones!
...again, click on the picture to find out more about each item!

perfect peacock

Peacock inspiration can not only be added to your wardrobe, but your style at home as well.
Here's a link to some photos of fabulous & gorgeous bedrooms designed with peacocks in mind.

A few other peacock-inspired home items:
...keeping in mind that it doesn't have to include the actual peacock feather print, it could just include the fabulous jewel color tones seen in those gorgeous feathers!

And just a few more...

peacock-inspired home

What do you think of peacock-inspiration??? I am planning on using peacock feathers as a part of my vintage wedding theme...SO loving it & so excited!!

If you're loving it as much as we are, where will you add peacock feathers in your life.....accessories, clothing, your home, a party or wedding....or perhaps somewhere else??


  1. Where is that skirt from? Soo cute, love the clutches as well, I think I may get one to go to your wedding with!

  2. the skirt is from shopruche.com...& only $32.99!!


    SO FUN!! and yes, the clutches have been on my wish list for a LONG time...hope to own one soon!!!


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