Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter White

With the holidays fast approaching, and for us in MN the inevitable large amounts of SNOW, you may find yourself searching for that perfect outfit for a date nite, or perhaps a festive holiday party.  

What I love about my close group of girlfriends is that we've decided to always have a "theme" for our annual holiday party. 
This will only be the third year with a theme, but it has made getting dressed SO much simpler!  I wish there were more parties/events that had a theme for "dressing up"....it's SO much fun, and again, easier to know what you will be wearing!

Our first "theme" was, of course, the "ugly sweater" party. It was fun, and we even "voted" on the ugliest sweater & the winner received a fun "door prize!" Last year's theme was SPARKLE! Everyone layered on the sparkle, sequins, glitter & bling!  So fun! 

This year we have decided on "Winter White." I am very excited about this year's choice, as lace, ivory, white, and cream are so so fun to layer & then pile on the jewels of course!  

I purchased a pair of MiH velvet ivory skinnies (from houndstooth) that I'm very excited to wear....now it's just down to finding that perfect top, or sweater, or combination of the two to complete the look!  I do have several choices to choose from in my closet, it's just a matter of creating that look I've imagined in my head....we'll see how it goes! 

It's always fun to see how others take a "theme" and create their own look within that same idea! Everyone always adds their own personal style & touch to what they put together!  

Here are a few of my favorite items & looks that fit into our theme, Winter White.

winter white

winter white

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