Thursday, December 20, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus

With each & every Target collaboration there has been hype & intrigue as to how it will go....we all saw the craziness that came with the Missoni collaboration (unfortunately), but it seems that Target has listened to consumers' demands. The newest collection, in conjunction with Neiman Marcus, didn't cause crazy lines at stores on launch day and there are still products available in stores and online -more than 2 weeks later. Is this because they produced more, limited the number of products each person could purchase, or could it be due to the higher price points?

If you missed the collection or passed over it due to the higher prices, you are in luck - everything in the collection is 50% off as of today (both in stores & online)! I just might have to go back & find a few more pieces to purchase.

For the most part, I personally wasn't totally in love with any of the items this time around, except for the Marc Jacobs "clutches" (pouches). The Altuzarra bar glasses are rather fun - especially for holiday cocktails/entertaining, as are the Jason Wu Christmas ornaments, but I wasn't ready to spend the money on either, but at 50% off, that might make me reconsider!

I'm always excited to see what Target does with each new collaboration....I love that they are making high-end fashion more affordable without completely sacrificing quality.  

Cheers to Target ....I can't wait to see what's next!

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