Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Fashion: MINT

Mint is no longer a color that is solely reserved for spring/summer. I'm seeing it more and more in stores' fall collections and I'm loving it! 

Blair Ritchey
This gorgeous clutch by Blair Ritchey is one that if I was lucky enough to own, I'd never "put it away for the season"...I think it's a rich enough color to use all year round.

JCrew continues to amaze me, as always. 

The fall collection has several mint hues....from the classic mint-heathered v-neck sweater to the gorgeous print shift dress and the fabulous baubles for your wrist! 
LOVE it all!

Jade = mint's darker version - is also a great way to wear this color into fall....love this silk JCrew blouse! (pictured right)

You can also easily pair 2 shades of mint together without looking too crazy...love this denim + blouse combo! Just make sure that your accessories are neutral & that the 2 mint shades are different enough in color that it doesn't look as though you were trying to match & miserably failed!

Another fashion/style blogger, J of J's Everyday Fashion shares her love for mint + camel in a somewhat recent post....which I couldn't agree more with--LOVE this color combination! Here are a few of her outfits where she pairs these 2 colors together....often with just her accessories adding that pop of color. 

As I've blogged before, I am a total sucker for MINT....and love that I can continue to wear what I have (& possibly find more fabulous pieces) all fall+ winter long!

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