Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why we LOVE...

LACE vintage, elegant, sexy, yet sophisticated.....lace is returning to wardrobes as we head into spring fashion!

Maybe I hadn't noticed all of it until recently (while shopping for that perfect all lace wedding dress), but LACE is slowly showing up everywhere... as shells under suit jackets, peeking out of the bottom of those fabulous LBDs,
and even as the main piece in your outfit, like this FABULOUS top from Fossil....I am LOVING it!

A fun lace top, like the one above or this tunic from ModCloth, Let's Lace It Tunic (with just as fabulous a name, as all their items have) is a great way to change up your usual blouse and trousers look. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and boots on casual Friday or out for lunch & shopping on Saturday with the girls = perfect! Here is another fabulous, simple lace tank, from urban outfitters. The front detail is so perfect, and then the back is a complete wow! The skirt it is paired with is also fabulous--I just LOVE the whole ensemble!

There are SO many ways to include lace in your wardrobe. Whether it's a simple, sophisticated pair of lace heels peeking out from your favorite black pants, small lace details on your cardigan, or a "vintage-style" lace dress for your next date night, lace can be incorporated into anyone's wardrobe.

Carolina Herrera Lace Corset Dress, $3,490
Gary Pepper Dress, $48
Women's shirts & tops - camis - Lacey top - J.Crew, $695
Lace Cardigan: Buy Jenny Han Clothings, $159
Knitted Berry Lace Back Shrug, $90
lia lace tank, $24
Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Cardigan Sweater - Old Lace : Target, $20
Rose Lace Tights, $24
Pamela Mann Waterlilly Lace Tights - Tights - - The..., $14 - Aphrodite Pump Black Lace, $75
Lace clutch bag, 90 GBP

The HISTORY of LACE is also extremely interesting to read I searched for the history behind this often pricey and sophisticated textile, I learned that much of what we know about lace before the 17th century is taken from the "clues" in paintings! I particularly loved this quote taken from the art blog, Venetian Red:

lace in its comparatively quiet richness never obtrudes itself and is recognized in its true worth and beauty only by those whose superior taste has trained them to see its value. . .

SO true! Whether it be today, in 2011, or back in the 17th century, anyone could put on loads of jewels and look gaudy or even offensive, but LACE has that beauty and elegance that is rarely overdone. I loved this 19th century fan covered with Chantilly lace....gorgeous! (pictured above)

As far as lace being overdone, it definitely didn't use to be, as years ago lace was considered a luxury because it was made by hand. Thanks to machines that can now make lace, the luxury of it has somewhat decreased. And as I searched through lace fashions, I definitely saw a few items I wouldn't want to be caught dead in and wasn't sure why such an item made it beyond the drawing board, but such it is with all fashio

So remember, as with all things added to your wardrobe, you never want to overdo it! A complete lace outfit, heat to toe, is a fashion don't. Just keep in mind: a little goes a long way. Look for the small details and pieces that really work with your style. It's all about adding to and creating that uniqueness within what you already have, not drastically changing things just because something "new" is in the stores.
And maybe lace isn't for you--perhaps you aren't excited about how it looks, or maybe it's too vintage for your more modern taste. That is completely ok! Not every new style change or addition to fashion is for everyone!

Are you going to add LACE to your wardrobe? I know I can't wait for my
new lace items to arrive!

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