Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ultimate Necessity... of course the LBD (Little Black Dress to those of you not in the know). It is an ABSOLUTE MUST for every girl's closet!

This is something that I totally recommend SPLURGING on since you will literally be able to wear it forever ~ it NEVER goes out of style!! But, for those of us who are broke as a joke right now (yep - that's me) there are lots of adorable options for under $100.

LBDs under $100

1.Modern Love Dress, $55
2.Sparkle & Fade Shirtdress, $59
3.Gap Bubble dress, $70
4.TFNC TFNC Dress Bow One Shoulder Chiffon Drape at ASOS, $78
5.AE Women's Sweetheart Party Dress (Black), $40

The great thing about a little black dress is that it can be worn to ANY event, especially those occasions where you don't know the dress code. You will always look classy & sophisticated in your LBD. The other great thing is that you can have fun with your accessories!! As a rule of thumb, if you have fun shoes, keep the jewelry simple, or go bold with your jewelry and wear your basic chic black heels. That way, your statement pieces will STAND OUT!

LBDs are also VERY versatile; with just a change of accessories, you can go from Downtown Chic to Uptown Casual.


If you do have $$ to spend on a LBD (jealous!!), just keep the following in mind when purchasing:
  • Pick a classic fit, either a sleeveless v-neck or round-neck with a straight skirt that sits right at the knee. This fit will NEVER go out of style, it will always look modern & elegant.
  • If it doesn't fit perfectly, take it to the tailor! Let's face it, it is quite rare to purchase anything off the rack that fits every curve of your body. With the right fit, ANY piece of clothing can make you look like a million bucks - definitely worth the money of tailoring!!
  • Make sure you take care of it! Best thing would be to DRY CLEAN the dress, that way it will keep the black from fading & will keep the dress looking brand new.
Go out and get yourself a LBD so you will be ready for ANY occasion that comes up ~ NO MORE time will be spent thinking...what should I wear??

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