Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage Loves

LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection from Free People!!

I cannot say enough fabulous things about the treasures they have found....WOW!! The collection caught my eye immediately when I opened the catalog to see this....

I was in love with the styling and the set which included such a gorgeous vintage vanity....LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Now, I have never been a major fan of Free People, mainly because of the high price tags on items I could do without...but this new vintage collection, I want to own it all!! If only there were an endless supply of cash entering my bank account....

oh....a girl can dream, right?!

Especially about this AMAZING cuff, the Erikson Beamon Opulence Cuff...listed in the catalog I received just this week for a mere $818...but not to be found on the website...hmmm? Could it be sold already? Because these Vintage Loves items are true vintage, they are one of a kind, so once an item is sold, it is gone....

My eyes continued to love what they saw as I turned the pages to find this, the Erikson Beamon Dripping Jewels Necklace...priced at a reasonable $978! Clearly I tend to fall in love with all things unaffordable....

Another piece I would love to own, and at a slightly more affordable price of $268, was this amazing vintage chainmail evening bag.....oh so perfect!

The catalog was amazing, as I continued browsing and wishing...all of my favorites came from "chapter 2 treasures"...but I loved how the next chapter, "the sketchbook" contained true sketches of the clothing pictured next to the model....FABULOUS!!

I was so impressed I grabbed the catalog the next morning to bring with me to work so I could scour the website in search of "my treasures"....only to "add them to my wish list" hopes that perhaps one item will still be available when my next paycheck arrives??!!

During my search, I also read a little bit more about this Vintage Loves collection and the vintage buyer Ali who discovers all the treasures:
I have handpicked each item with love, bringing thoughts and emotion to each piece. I am a pirate of the beautiful, a collector. Vintage loves is filled with items that will captivate you and lock you into a world of curiosity. I am thirsty for intricate detail and items that have a rare personality, items full of life and meaning. ...Bringing you a special collection of handpicked one of a kind vintage loves, a world of charm and charisma— a treasure chest of exclusive finds.

I agree...exclusive finds is right! I highly recommend checking out the fabulous Vintage Loves collection of treasures from Free People....if nothing else, it's fun to dream....and create wish lists!

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