Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Mythbusters

People often think that there are "rules" within fashion, or creating your style....but in truth, there are no true rules, but more what might be considered guidelines. And with many people, those "rules" are often the ones that should be broken!

Take, for example, a few of these such myths, as we will call them. You may have heard your mothers say, you can't wear white after Labor Day.... your shoes should match your purse... you can't wear black and brown together.....the list could go on.
When it comes to finding your style, the only rule that exists is that you LOVE and FEEL GOOD in what you are wearing--show your true & confident self to the world. Other than that, as long as you don't dress head to toe in leopard print or wear one of those screen printed sweatshirts with the holiday scene you can't really go wrong!

Here are a few "myths" or rules that we would like to disprove...in no particular order.

I can't mix black and brown, or navy and brown, or black and navy.
So untrue...often, the best looking outfit is one that is completely neutral in color, like black and brown--I LOVE it! Even though they are two neutrals, they go great together. If you need to add some color, choose a bright color, or even white or natural, to do an accessory or two in. But going with all black with brown accessories--belt & shoes--is fabulous!

I can't wear white after Labor Day.
This is one of those rules you've heard over and over....or at least you used to. Hopefully more
and more people are realizing that this doesn't hold true anymore. You CAN wear white into the fall and even the winter...it just has to be the "right white" and/or the right fabric. (White linen is one exception--that should be put away until summer rolls around again!) There are so may "winter whites" out there that it's easier than you think! Even doing all black--black sweater with black dress pants, then adding a white/natural colored belt is enough of a pop that your outfit instantly has some interest!

Now that it's fall/winter, I can't wear my peep toe heels.

This is one rule that many people still follow. But with all the print and dark colored tights out there, this "myth" is easily disproved. Your favorite peep toe heels, that you think you can only wear during the warmest months, which in MN isn't very long, can easily be paired with a pair of dark tights and your favorite sweater dress or tweed skirt. Just make sure the tights you wear are opaque, not sheer.
The look is fun and perfect for fall!

Your shoes & bag (&/or belt) should match.

Ugh..this is one I can't stand, and SO many people still believe it!! With fashion, and your style, you don't want to be all "matchy-matchy"...who does??!! Your accessories should fit together, compliment each other, not completely and totally match.

I can't wear my gold watch with my silver rings....my jewelry metals should match.

NO THANK YOU!! Jewelry is meant to be mixed and matched...it creates interest. Whether it's gold & silver, black, gold, pearls, jewels, chain, and mesh, it all can work together. Layering on the pieces is a great way to add more depth and interest to your outfit with your jewelry---who really wears only one bracelet at a time??

There are SO many more "rules" or myths out there that NEED to be broken!
I really enjoyed reading this post, from another fabulous fashion blog: Oh my God, where did you get that? She gave her own take on some more of those infamous fashion rules & wardrobe/shopping tips. Click the link above and read her ideas!! I especially LOVE her rule #1--buying well means buying once. I wish more people would think about this....and not just buy something because "it's only $5" or "it's on sale"--but first think: will you wear it? Will it last??!! Do you absolutely LOVE it?

Remember....keep to your style and your brand, be true to yourself. If it feels good and you love it, then you will look a million times better than if you walk out the door questioning what you are wearing. Be confident, know who you are, and be proud to show it!

The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.
Hubert de Givenchy

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