Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always Overdress

If I've learned anything from my father working in the high-end retail business, and having his own great personal style, it's that it's always better to be overdressed.

No matter where it is you are headed, once you get there, you'd much rather be turning heads because you look fabulous and not because you are the worst dressed person in the room!

Thus "when in doubt, overdress," ~always!

I think this is especially important when considering what to wear to a wedding. At every wedding there will always be two people who are dressed in their best as they say their vows...and if nothing else, it's better to be the next best dressed at the party!

I would never recommend wearing jeans to a wedding, except in a few rare occasions, and only if you are a male. Women should never wear jeans to a wedding, ever!  Guys can pull off the look if it's a beach, or perhaps barn, wedding, the denim is very dark in color (with no holes of course), and is paired with a dress shirt, jacket & tie! Then, and only then, can it work.

Ladies--pull out that fabulous dress you haven't worn in a year, put on your favorite heels, and grab a fun clutch--why not?  I think there are far too few events these days where we can really get all dressed up! So take advantage!

....I would have loved to live back in the 1920s....they always had excuses for parties & dressing up in fabulous gowns with gorgeous jewels!!

I also believe very much in this:

I think that showing up to an event or party dressed up shows the host/hostess that you cared enough about the party to put on your best! And again, if you have an excuse to go out, why wouldn't you choose to wear something fun & exciting that you don't normally get to wear on a regular basis?!?  Seems like a "no-brainer" to me!

Traveling is another "event" that I think people tend to under-dress for. I don't quite understand the people that basically wear their pajamas on an airplane....aren't you going someplace new? Isn't that exciting and worth putting some effort into your appearance for?   I am a firm believer that comfort doesn't have to come in a velour jumpsuit, but clearly many people feel otherwise.

I do believe that whatever you put on each morning, no matter where you are headed, should at least tell the world a little about you: who you are or maybe who you feel like being that day....if nothing else, have fun with your style and when in doubt, 

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  1. I totally agree! I love getting dressed up! I put thought into every outfit, even if I am only going to Target!

    Great post!


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