Friday, August 13, 2010

Rachel Zoe DIES....for Fashion!!

Who could resist the woman who says "I have to be in Chanel while giving birth"??

From her website,

Zoe’s own signature look—bronzed, sexy and wrapped up in Seventies-tinged laidback glamour—has rubbed off on well-known women and a few fashion collections alike. The Los Angeles Times noted the obvious influence of Zoe’s signature style on the runways, designers across the globe rely on Zoe for her fine tuned eye and Women’s Wear Daily traced Hollywood’s new look to Zoe’s own style.

Here is what you probably know about her...
  • She is a Stylist for mah-jor Celebrity Clients
  • She is Ba-Nanas about Fabulous Fashion, especially Chanel
  • She is in her 3rd Season of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo
Here is what you probably DON'T know about her...

  • She has a line with QVC of afforable accessoires, shoes, bags, jewelry & (of course) a-mah-zing faux fur
  • She is a contributing editor & consultant for (Gap's online shoe & handbag boutique)
  • Her book, "Style A to Zoe" was a New York Times Best Seller

These below fun finds from her QVC line, all are under $100 & are very chic as well as VERY might even make you feel On. Another. Level.

Faux Fur Vest, $79.80
Large Satchel $69.80
Jeweled Watch $65.00

In a recent Harper's Bazaar article, they make this fashionista put her famous words into action! She poses with several mah-jor designers as they act out just how she could DIE for fashion, check out the latest issue of Harper'z Bazaar & additional photos at their website. Below is Brian Atwood, showing death by stilleto, as he puts it perfectly "I can't imagine a better way to go."

Check out her Super Fun & Fabulous show, The Rachel Zoe Project, Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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