Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Fashion: Footwear

As the weather continues to get cooler, and we see more and more advertisements for "Back to School"....we know that fall is just around the corner!

This is my absolute favorite time of year....the crisp mornings, the still somewhat warm days that don't require a jacket, the gorgeous colors, and yes, time for my favorite go-to outfit: jeans, a sweater and boots!

But besides jeans tucked into boots, there are many other options for footwear during the fall season. I thought I'd share some of my favorite styles.

If you are in need of a more business-like or dressed up option, I'd highly recommend a pair of cap toe heels. They are totally classic and completely "in style" this season. Just look at the recent J.Crew catalogs....they are on almost every page! A cap toe heel or flat is a classic look for any outfit: whether it's a slim cropped pant, a pencil skirt, a suit, or even your favorite pair of jeans--they work with everything in your wardrobe. Here are just a few of what I've seen available now:

cap toes

Now, I've seen another style out that I'm not sure I'm a fan of, and that's the short ankle boot. A style like this:

I prefer a more slim/sleek look that elongates the leg, and I feel that most of these ankle boots add weight and can look sloppy (depending on how they are styled). I've seen some horrible photos of Katie Holmes sporting this style, and I just don't love the look.  Now, I'm not completely against them, as there are some great styles out there, and if paired correctly with the right pant they can work....I just don't think I'll be adding a pair to my closet this season.

What I prefer, within this "bootie" category, is the oxford heel. I am in love with this style, and I think it is so versatile. An oxford heel can again be paired for work with a suit, skirt, or dress, or it can be dressed down with denim, skinnies, or a slim crop. I own the nude pair (top center) and I love them!  They are comfortable, stylish, and fun! I'd love to add the brown or blue suede pair to continue to wear with all my printed and skinny jeans this fall!


One more look that is out there is the amount of COLOR I'm seeing in footwear. From flats to pumps, there are so many more options than just black, taupe, or navy! I found a FABULOUS pair at Target this week in the color of the moment: burgundy. They were comfortable and chic.....and only $29.99-you can't beat that. I love that they are patent too-easy to dress up or down! I am also loving the saturated sapphire that I've seen-most often in a suede-but oh so gorgeous! Here are a few of my current favorites:

fall footwear colors

Don't get me wrong, I'll be wearing my jeans and boots almost every day this fall season, but it's always nice to have options, right??!!

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