Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot, Sticky, Humid Weather....WHAT to Wear??

Lately in MN, we have had some extremely "tropical" weather....with heat indexes well over 100degrees! yikes!! It's not to bad as long as you have air conditioning in any/all places you have to be, say home and/or work. If not, I can't imagine how some people can focus on much, as I am one of the lucky ones with "AC"!!!

Even so, what do you WEAR when temps reach into the 90s and it's so humid that the windows are fogged when you wake up??

Jeans are definitely I did attempt this while traveling and it was so horrible. Everything was just sticking to me. So my suggestion is to find the lightest most breathable fabric and style and go with it, even if you are at a baseball game!!

the Maxi Dress

A MAXI DRESS is one of the most popular pieces for this type of weather. I have yet to find one that I love and fits me well enough to purchase, BUT I have seen SO MANY FABULOUS maxi dresses on tons of people these days....they are perfect for this hot & humid weather. Whether you style it casual with flat sandals, or dress it up with a pair of wedges, a fun clutch, and fabulous jewelry, a maxi dress is a great staple for your summer wardrobe. If you don't have one yet, I recommend getting one NOW, as there aren't many left in stores as fall styles are beginning to move in! You may get lucky and even score one on sale!! LOVE that!!!

If you don't want to do the long maxi, or can't because you are petite, there are just as many short summer dresses out there for you! And, just like the maxi, these can be casual or dressed up for a night out! One of my favorite "cheap" summer dresses is this simple kimono sleeve dress from Target. It's only $18 and it's comfortable and so versatile. You can use it as a swimsuit cover-up, wear it casual to run errands with flip flops or dress it up with a wide belt, wedges and fun jewelry!! It comes in a wide range of colors, as well as several fun prints.

Another option is a susana monaco dress. I had not heard of this designer until I began working at Hot Mama, but I have learned to love her! She makes fabulous & simple dresses (& of course other pieces) which are "wash & dry" and easy to travel with. I have fallen in love with her dresses, especially the pocket tube dress (pictured below left in black). Her pieces run a little more than the bargain Target dress, BUT I believe them to be worth it. I own the pocket dress in Navy and love it!! Again, if you want an investment piece, that won't go out of style and will last longer than your bargain dress, check out susana monaco's dresses. (She does have several maxi dresses as well!)

susana monaco

One final piece that can be worn when it's unbearably hot out is a jumpsuit or romper. Again, I have yet to find one that fits me well and I love, but I know there's one out there with my name on it!! Again, Target has a fabulous tube-top style jumpsuit, in several colors, and of course, at a great price ($19.99), but only available online--which of course, makes me crazy trying to decide what size to order! But, still, could be a cheap and wearable version of this fun style!

I really LOVE a halter style top, so I would love to find one reasonably priced in that style, and preferably in black (easier to "dress up"), but I keep stumbling upon great strapless/tube top style jumpsuits instead, such as the two pictured here (above left & below right). So...maybe that's the style I just need to purchase??!!

Hopefully the heat/humidity won't last too long, although I really don't want to complain, as I would take this over -40 below zero any day!! ....And living in MN, we all know those extremely cold days are always a part of our winters!!

So....enjoy the heat, and the chance to wear a piece that maybe you normally wouldn't!! It sure has made me re-think my summer wardrobe (mainly consisting of jeans rolled up with a v-neck tee or tank).....try something new & different, it's actually rather exciting!!

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  1. thank you for your advice to help me understand what to wear today, because it's going to be humid where i live.


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