Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dressing for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching you may be dreading the decision of what to wear to all those holiday events.

Do you go out and buy an outfit for each event, buy one new item to wear to all of the events, or can you p
ut together something from the choices in your closet??
Depending on your budget, it is easier than you might think to put together an outfit worthy of any holiday event!


A great way to determine what to wear is to think “old Hollywood” when dressing for the holidays. Bring back old time glamour and elegance. Your dress should accentuate your figure & make you FEEL as good as you look! Bring out your fur, stoles, little short jackets, or your tuxedo blazer. A sequined bolero jacket or cardigan, a velvet blazer, or a satin skirt can be the perfect wardrobe essential for holiday dressing.

Just remember not to go overboard. You don't want to be dressed in sequins head to toe (just like you wouldn't do with animal print)!

A holiday party is also a time to get away from the typical cocktail dress and wear a pair of wool shorts or tuxedo trousers. Pair them with a sequined cardigan, a shimmery or tuxedo blazer, dark tights and your favorite pair of heels... Add your statement jewelry pieces and an evening clutch and you're ready to go! But if shorts or pants just isn't your style....finding that amazing dress isn't so hard either...


If your budget has no can go out and buy any number of items--I wish this was my status--where should you go & what should you get?
I LOVE this fun & fabulous icicle shift dress from J.Crew. It is so fun, and unique-you would definitely stand out from the crowd in this!! comes at a high price! If you are one who looks fabulous in green, like us redheads, this AMAZING jewel toned jade dress (again, from J.Crew) is a bit more affordable and would assure that you stand out from the crowd.

If you can afford to buy a new dress, but have a limit to what you can spend, there are many options out there. Anthropologie's dance away dress is a new take on the little black dress that can be worn to any type of holiday party. Love the uniqueness of the skirt details--add any fun shoes & clutch and you're set! Anthropologie has several dresses ranging from $130-$ here to find the one that's perfect for you!

Can you get a dress for under $100? Of course! This lace scallop dress, from Ann Taylor LOFT, is fabulous. Lace is big this fall/winter, and the black lace is dressy and festive! Add some
dark tights, or tall boots, some fun jewelry, and you're ready to walk out the door.
ModCloth is a great website with pages & pages of dresses at very affordable prices, such as the one shoulder mine all mine dress--love it! There are so many more, and with just as interesting "names"...check them out here!

If you can't afford to purchase a new dress for the holidays, you can easily work with what's in your closet by adding the right accessories!

Adding some statement jewelry is a great way to add interest to your "go-to" little black dress (LBD). As always, J.Crew is a great place to find fabulous, sparkly, statement jewelry. I love the ribbon (and silk) wrapped crystal bangles, and at only $39.50, it's fairly affordable. The olive moss green would stand out when paired with your LBD.
The silk-ribboned multi chain necklace would make a statement, and gives that layered look with only one piece. It's already on sale, and J.Crew is constantly putting out EXTRA 30% or 25% off of sale & free shipping, so buy now and save even more!! Ann Taylor LOFT is again another great place for statement-making jewelry!

Of course, our FAVORITES for AMAZING jewelry, realia by jen (etsy shop for realia) & Sheer Addiction are the perfect place to find that one piece that you can be guaranteed no one will be wearing! We LOVE that!!!

No matter what it is you choose to wear, as long as you FEEL BEAUTIFUL you will have an amazing time. Good luck finding that perfect new holiday dress or the right that you SPARKLE & stand out wherever your holiday plans take you!

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