Saturday, July 10, 2010


Time to clean out that closet…
get rid of the old and make room for the new!

First, think: “what is my brand" - how do I describe myself and how I dress?

• Elegant & Refined
• Trendy yet Timeless
• Classic & Conservative
• Hip & Eclectic

When you examine each piece in your closet, ask if it fits your brand. Also, ask yourself these important questions:

“Have I worn this in the last year?”
If the answer is NO—then it needs to go.

“Does it still have the tag on it for a reason?”
Is this something you bought just because it was on sale or such a great deal you couldn’t pass it up but yet still haven’t worn---if so, you won’t ever wear it, so take it out!

“Am I only holding onto this for sentimental reasons?”
Some clothes just have those ties to a certain event, or year, or person in your life, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold onto it—that’s what pictures and scrapbooks are for, not your closet!! Say good-bye!

Then take some time to review the discarded items - can you take any of it to a consignment store to be sold and loved by someone else?

There are 2 main types of consignment stores out there: one will give you money when your clothing sells, the other gives you money for your clothing up front. The advantage of the first type is that they usually price their items higher & you get a higher % per item. The advantage of the second type is of course - $$ in your pocket when you walk out the door, but usually a lower % per item.

Here are a few GREAT consignment stores in the Twin Cities area:


Elite Repeat, St. Paul -- personal favorite!!
*accepts up-to-date clothing in good condition, not more than 3 years old

My Sister’s Closet, St. Paul
*accepts both current & vintage clothing in good condition

Nu Look Consignment, Minneapolis
*FAMILY consignment store—takes women’s, men’s, children’s and maternity clothing in good condition


Everyday People, Dinkytown, Uptown, & St. Paul
*accepts both current and vintage clothing in good condition

Buffalo Exchange, Minneapolis (Uptown)
*prices are lower here, so you won’t get at much for your items, but any $$ is worth it sometimes

Of course, there are also Plato’s closets and Turn-Style stores in many locations around the Twin Cities—they also pay you on the spot, but again, prices on clothes are lower than at the more upscale stores like Elite Repeat & My Sister’s Closet, so your cash back will be less.

If you can't SELL all of your clothes...consider having a clothing swap/exchange with a few girlfriends. Make invitations, have appetizers and cocktails, and meet at someone's house with a lot of space. Create some "dressing rooms" for the ladies to try things on, and exchange what you don't wear anymore for something "new" from a friend!

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